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ILANGA Thermosolar Plant - SOUTH AFRICA

  • Work : Owner’s engineering for Ilanga 100MW Solar Plant
  • Location: Upington
  • Country: South Africa
  • Power: 100 MW
  • Client: Karoshoek Solar
  • SoW: Owner’s engineering services including:

   - Construction Engineering Supervision.
   - Review of payments.
   - FAT tests assistance.
   - Works developed supervision.
   - Commissioning.

  • End Date: Ongoing project
  • Project Details:  

- Located in the Northern Cape Province of the Republic of South Africa, approximately 29km east of Upington
- Rated net electric capacity of 100 MW
- Solar field of Parabolic trough collectors distributed in 266 loops
- Thermal Energy Storage using molten salts with a capacity of 1200 MWhth
- Connected with a 132 KV transmission overhead line to Gordonia Substation
- HTF heaters for start-ups and antifreeze protection
- Dry Condensing system
- Auxiliary systems: water treatment plant, effluent treatment plant, compressed air, nitrogen system, firefighting system, fuel system, electrical system, control system of the plant.