Strategies and objectives

At E&A Renewable our main objective is the solvency and quality of our projects. With the alliance between Elmya and Ayesa, focussing on the photovoltaic market to combine the two companies' experience and skills in photovoltaic plants, we want to put our more than 50 years experience to good use.

In addition to solvency, we provide the maximum specialisation in the photovoltaic segment and, overall, a great quality, highly-qualified human and technical team.

The internationalisation of E&A Renewable is our destination. To achieve this, Elmya and Ayesa have a large international structure and extensive experience in the creation, generation and supervision of projects in this sector in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

The quality of our service is a fundamental aspect, in addition to compliance with deadlines and MW. We consider our clients to be our partners and build a relationship with them to avoid the risks of tmissing of deadlines and the distortion of MW between the design power output and that produced by the plant.