Elmya and Ayesa have established an alliance focussing on the photovoltaic market to combine their experience and skills in the sector.

E&A Renewable came out of said alliance to combine their joint experience and skills in a new company 100% specialised in photovoltaic plants.

With a clearly international approach that reflects E&A Renewable's vision of being a reference company at the forefront of the photovoltaic energy sector for the world.

E&A Renewable focusses its efforts and its business purpose on making solar photovoltaic energy one of the relevant energy production sources all over the world, under the same premise of always being at the forefront of technology and with proven solvency over recent decades and projects executed by the companies that created it.

The consortium combines the experience and skills needed to act as a main EPC contractor, including the financial soundness to make the projects highly financeable.

ente financiables.