About Us

"The alliance for the photovoltaic market"

E&A Renewable, the symbiosis of two companies at the forefront of technology and with proven solvency over more than 50 years.

E&A Renewable is the result of the synergy between two companies which fit together perfectly in the international photovoltaic market; Elmya and Ayesa. E&A Renewable stands out right along the value chain for renewable energy projects. We control the costs, harmonise EPC processes and make decisions regarding the technology and systems to offer the best solution for each project.

At E&A Renewable we take the quality and solvency of projects very seriously as we are currently a company of reference when it comes to complying with delivery times on projects. Our solvency is our recurring theme.

The Elmya-Ayesa consortium can offer competitive prices as no outsourcing is required. E&A Renewable combines the experience and skills needed to act as a main EPC contractor, including the financial soundness to make the projects highly financeable